Halloween October 2009

As much as we wanted to celebrate Halloween and have a crazy night in town in NYC this year, we reluctantly had to pass up on this opportunity because I just found out earlier that month that I was pregnant.  I was told that I had to be extremely careful in the first trimester due to the high risk of miscarriages.  Translation:  Do not go anywhere with large crowds (just one of the many precautions).  Nonetheless, Ray and I didn’t want our precious dogs to lose out on their chance to dress up (like they wanted to… NOT). We couldn’t resist going to the costume store in search of their perfect outfits. We finally decided to go with a classic theme… Star Wars! It’s popular every year and never gets old.  Of course, we still had to find the character that best fits each dog.

For Cappy, he has an old, wise look.  So, without much thought, he naturally would be a suitable Yoda!  For Pok’e, nothing would suit her better than Princess Leia.