Emery’s 5th Birthday Bash

The invite is out for Emery’s 5th Birthday party bash.  We are inviting all her Pre-School friends and other “long time” (relatively speaking) buddies.  There is much to do in preparation but it should be a great time.  We’ve also got a really great birthday gift for Emery to come.  (a new big girl bike with training wheels!)

Here’s the invite Ash made with cute-face herself making the banner complete. 🙂

Emery Party

The birthday party was a success. 22 of her closest friends from school, Amelia and Lucas all came. They made alien green pizzas and monster jello. We bought a rainbow cake complete with littlest pet shop figures ontop. We also catered food for the parents who attended. They kids all had a blast, here’s some pictures from the party.