Emery Learns To Write Letters

Last week we started to teach Emery to write letters. She has been able to recognize letters but still not quickly recalling them quickly. So, we felt that learning to write them would give her the “up close and personal” experience with each nitty gritty detail.

Ashley made the word templates and we have been spending ~30 minutes a day aside from Friday and Saturday to write letters. She has started to not enjoy it as much as before but it seems to resonate well with her and despite some groaning and distractions/stalling she has put her mind to it. We give a her check or a X based on whether she performed the right stroke and followed the trace correctly and smoothly. Surprisingly Emery immediately gravitated to wanted to get more “checks” and getting down and upset when we gave her X’s. in general she definitely responds well to encouragement rather than critical or threats.

Teach her to write each letter as truly helped me realize how much we take for granted. When teaching Emery, everything needs to be called out. From how she sits, posture of her back, how her hand holds the pen, while the other hand holds the paper, and that’s not even mentioning all the subtleties of each stroke and sequence of forming a letter. All I can say is Wow, I really feel like a parent now! But, as frustrating and challenging as it can be, it is rewarding to see her make progress and learn her letters!

Here’s a video of me teaching her to write letters.  More to come!