Emery is Born!

Our little Emery born May 17, @ 8:20pm EST, 6lbs 12 oz at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital.

Here are the sequence of events that led up to Emery’s birth.

Friday May 14 AM: During our OB visit (now weekly),  Dr. Bradley tells us that Ashley is 2cm Dilated and she is doing well.  We start to feel like it could be coming soon!

Sunday May 16 Mid Day: I wake up late to find Ashley telling me that she thinks her water broke.  I call the doctor and we go into the hospital at 4pm thinking that it’ll most likely be a false alarm and that we will come right home.

Sunday May 16 5pm: The attending doctor look at Ash and confirms that her water broke.  Ash still isn’t feeling any contractions so they let us go home and see if we can start labor from home and go back to the hospital later than evening.  They encouraged us to walk and do a bunch of things that can induce contractions naturally.  We decided to walk home and on the way, there was a street fair. It’s the first one of the year and over 10 blocks on 9th Ave. closed for this all-day event. So our meal before the delivery turns out to be a variety of street food.  Awweesssomme!!!!

Sunday May 16 Mid Night: We check into the hospital, still no contractions.  The attending nurse helps Ash along with some pitocin at 4am the next morning.

Monday May 17 7am: Ash starts feeling contractions and over the next 12 hours goes into active labor.

Monday May 17 4pm: Ash can’t take the pain anymore and opts for the Epidural.  I am relieved!

Monday May 17 8pm: Dr. Bradley declares Ash is 10 cm dilated and she can now push!

Monday May 17 8:20pm: Ash pushes for a little under 20 minutes.  Ashley had a cough towards the end of the pregnancy and the cough turned out to be a blessing in disguise… it helped the baby come along considerably!  The doctor actually said that Emery was literally coughed out!  Little Emery is born!

Tuesday May 18 10:00pm: Ash and I check out of the hospital with our little Emery and we arrive home, our little family has begun!