Dating Anniversary November 2009

Ray and I officially started dating back in November 1999 and have a tradition that we go to Friendly’s every year for our dating anniversary.  However, with the constant moving over the past several years to the West Coast and then to the Southeast, we couldn’t go to Friendly’s and had to improvise a little.  Fortunately, this year, we are in NYC, and was able to once again, go to our special place.  Yes, Friendly’s is not exactly a fine dining sort of place :), but it has sentimental value to us and we love it.  The closest one to us was in New Jersey, about 30 minutes away, so we rented a car and off we went.

This year, our anniversary has another special meaning for us.  It’s our first anniversary that we are celebrating with 2.5 of us (Ray, me and our future little one).  Unfortunately, with my morning sickness, the meal wasn’t as appetizing as it could’ve been. Nonetheless, we had a wonderful time and reminisced about the past 10 years of being together and had some great laughs.  We still couldn’t believe how time just flew by. Although it’s been 10 years, we are still having lots of fun together and aren’t tired of each other yet.  That has got to be a good thing, right? 🙂