Potential Wedding Location

People are probably wondering what Ash and I are doing for our wedding. Are we getting married in Hawaii, going to Boston, eloping in vegas… Short answer is we’re still searching and Hawaii is looking really probable at this point. Ashley’s friends have been such a great help. Especially Cathy has been awesome in helping us look around and make calls and get our friends to pitch in. I have yet to really get to know her, last time i was in Hawaii, we barely hung out, me with a giant tooth ache most of the time. So here’s some nice pic of Kahala Mandarin in Oahu.




Blog Construction Update – Gettin’ there!

It’s been awhile since I had the chance to update the blog and make some changes. Here’s what’s next on my to do’s. Gotta get these done before work gets even busier or I get shipped to india…

  • Setup YouTube Account and send a YouTube video to the Blog.
  • Find a good flash photo album to place in the Scrapbook section.
  • Create 4 Photos for Me, Ash, Pok’e, Cap and post on their pages.

And here’s a random pic for the hell of it! Pok’e aka “Pocket” eating her beef stick with stars in her eyes.