The Last Box is Gone!

Today Ashley and I have officially proclaimed ourselves settled in.   Our last cardboard box has been emptied and thrown out.  No more daily trips to Home Depot and no more lifting, pushing, pulling and hammering.  We love our new place and everybody already has staked out their new favorite lounge spots.  Ashley loves surfing the web while sitting at the high kitchen bar counter.  I love sitting in the corner of the couch watching my second love, the TV.  Poke loves basking in the afternoon sunlight which comes through big window sill and Cappy has proclaimed the bean bag his very own nap time bed.  The apartment has such great afternoon sun I thought I’d share this photo of the dining table.


The apartment has such great afternoon sunlight and Ash is so proud of her dining table setting, I had to post this picture of our dining area.  The really nice painting in the background was done by Ashley and the beautiful champagne glasses are courtesy of Alex, a wedding gift to us.