Ray’s birthday October 2009

For Ray’s birthday, we did a two-part celebration. The weekend before his birthday, I bought tickets to take him to see Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring at the Radio City Music Hall.  It was an amazing experience where a live orchestra  actually plays in sync with the movie along with live background singing. Lord of the Rings’ The Fellowship of the Ring is his favorite of the trilogy.

For his birthday meal, I decided to cook dinner for him.  I made clam chowder, beef, mashed potatoes and quiche.  They are some my huney’s favorite foods.  Earlier that day, I went to a bakery called Veniero’s on the lower east side that was known for its strawberry shortcake.  Ray is not much of a sweets fan, but he liked strawberry shortcake because it is usually fluffy and not overly sweet.  This cake was made of real cream and it had just right amount of sweetness.  It tasted really fresh and it just melted in your mouth.  We really enjoyed a nice evening at home! Happy Birthday Raymond Peng!!!