Potential Wedding Location

People are probably wondering what Ash and I are doing for our wedding. Are we getting married in Hawaii, going to Boston, eloping in vegas… Short answer is we’re still searching and Hawaii is looking really probable at this point. Ashley’s friends have been such a great help. Especially Cathy has been awesome in helping us look around and make calls and get our friends to pitch in. I have yet to really get to know her, last time i was in Hawaii, we barely hung out, me with a giant tooth ache most of the time. So here’s some nice pic of Kahala Mandarin in Oahu.




Blog Construction Update – Gettin’ there!

It’s been awhile since I had the chance to update the blog and make some changes. Here’s what’s next on my to do’s. Gotta get these done before work gets even busier or I get shipped to india…

  • Setup YouTube Account and send a YouTube video to the Blog.
  • Find a good flash photo album to place in the Scrapbook section.
  • Create 4 Photos for Me, Ash, Pok’e, Cap and post on their pages.

And here’s a random pic for the hell of it! Pok’e aka “Pocket” eating her beef stick with stars in her eyes.


Merry Christamas! hahaha!

It’s not that I don’t know how to spell Christmas, but this was exactly how the people at “Hokkaido”, the restaurant we had dinner at last night, spelled it! It was posted up with this typo all over the restaurant! And let me tell you, that restaurant was huggggggggeeeeeeeee! Can you imagine the typo all over the place? hahaha. I thought it was funny.

Anyways, today is Christmas and it’s the second one that my huney and I are spending here in Alameda. Although there’s no bells and whistles here at our apartment today, I am still extremely happy that huney and I got to spend it together. We had a pretty casual day, yet, it was fun! Before dinner, we went to Thompson Lane, a street here in Alameda that is full of christmas lights! None of the houses was extremely impressive, but it was very festive as a street, collectively. Many people stroll through it as if it was a tourist site. In fact, here in Alameda, besides the annual Peanut Butter festival in September, this street is definitely an Alameda highlight.

I am so happy to be here with Huney tonight. We watched the rest of season one for “Lost,” and it was such a tease to have it end the way it did! As I am writing, huney is downloading season 2 and I can’t wait to watch more! Huney is so good about keeping us entertained in this home. He is named the Director of Media for the Kit Family. hehehe. Let me tell you that he definitely earned that name and is doing a greatttttttt job! And see this blog that I am writing in? Guess who created this whole thing? yeap. Bewa Peng. Isn’t he awesome or what? He is the most wonderful and bestest Bewa eva!

I can’t wait to make another entry in this blog! I want to contribute more into this Kit Family blog so that someday, the people we care about can read our thoughts. Merry Christmas 2006 everyone!!!! 🙂

Merry Christmas!

Ashley and I would like to wish everyone a happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Pagan Festival of Lights (as someone called it) or any other holiday you celebrate. We sent cards out to everyone we could get addresses to so hope you all got our cards. In case you did not, here it is again! 🙂


Ray, Ash, Pok’e and Cappy