Letter to Santa

Emery cheated this year and went with a template. That is just wrong. The template assumes you were good all year and clearly there is much to question about such a generality.

Here’s Emery’s letter, you can see what she really wants. I️ hope Santa makes it happen!

Eugene took this picture above of Emery and Penny. What a great pic of the two of them. We decorated the tree and made the house festive today.

Emery’s White Christmas

There was an unexpected snow storm, “Benji” that hit Atlanta. Thankfully I️ decided to work from home on Friday morning as did Ashley. Emery’s school had early dismissal and she got to play in really 6 inches of snow!

We made a snowman and Emery was wanted to make it a Patriots snowman with the number 12. TB12 as he is known now accordingly to Ashley who is a diehard pats fan.

Later on Saturday morning Eugene was over and we had a giant snowball fight in the yard. Everyone go soaked. It was all of us against Eugene but he protected himself Pretty well even though he wore shorts!

Santa meets Emery

Emery is growing up so fast. The last time we took picture with Santa was a Phipps and she was 1. She cried so much then. This time she was a little shy as she got towards him and she sat on his lap. She met Santa this past weekend and she asked for:

Yoga ball to sit on in her class at school

A builder set to create forts at home

Santa told Ashley that Emery was very well behaved and that we should be proud of her. See, Santa knows everything.

Our goofy daughter

Ashley took Emery to Atlantic station to check out the holiday merriment. Turns out the best entertainment was Emery’s facial expressions.

Ashley sent me these photos and I️ just had to post them for memories of our goofy daughter.


Much to be thankful for

This thanksgiving I want reflect and remind myself all that I should be thankful and really grateful for. Our lives are often so busy and stressful that it is just too easy to get caught up in feeling inadequate, negative or wanting more. Ashley has taught me over and over again to be thankful, so here is my list:

I am thankful for a wonderful family, they are so supportive, caring and always have my back.

I am thankful for my health, I have no ailments and no physical issues that prevent me from taking full advantage of life.

I am thankful for myself. My parents instilled in me a strong work ethic, smarts and creativity that has made achievement come naturally for me.

I am thankful for Ashley especially. She embodies all that is really good and pure in my life. She makes me a better person and is someone I admire greatly.

I am so thankful for Emery. She is the sweetest child. I was on the treadmill today and she came over just to tell me she wanted to give me a hug! I had to fly out tonight and she walked out to the Uber with me because she was so sad to see me go. She gets up every morning, dressed herself, brushes her teeth, and sometimes even packs her own lunch. She never needs any nagging about homework and she is always so cheery and cute. Ashley and I are so lucky.

I am lucky to have such great parents who have worked so hard to support me. They give to us all they can spare.

I am thankful for great in laws. Ashley parents come over and stay at our house for a month or two at a time and I love it. They are so helpful, they clean, cook and are so happy and kind. They really make me feel like a son.

I am grateful for my career and my job. No matter how hard or stressful it is, I am learning so much and growing so much. I am thankful for being where I am today.

We stopped by this store yesterday and Ashley really loved this saying.