Funny Things Emery Says

Emery is always saying things that are really funny and sometimes unknowingly profound or interesting:

My pee wants to give the toilet some water

Can I have this lollipop now and this other one not now?

We are talking about months and birthdays. Emery and Ashley are in the car driving to school in the morning

Emery: Mama, I have a question for you, whose birthday is in May and it starts with an E? Ashley (joking): elin (Emery’s classmate). Emery: No! Ashley: Ella? Emery: No! She is in her car seat in the same car as you. Ashley: hmmm. Emery: It’s Me!!! Then they both start laughing

We have trouble putting Emery to bed in her new bedroom and sleeping by herself. One night Ray puts her to bed but Emery doesn’t want to be left alone.

Emery: I don’t want to be alone. Ray: but you are not alone. You have all your friends. (Meaning the kitties and toys). Emery: no they are not real friends. They are not real. I don’t want to be alone by myself.

We were buckling in on the airplane when Emery pointed at the two lights for “fasten seatbelt” and “no smoking”. Emery said it meant:

Don’t take off your seat belt and you need your toothpaste.

Mommy did you know I love you to the moon and in the back…

I mid May 2014, Emery wakes up on morning and jumps into our bed and shouts:

mommy daddy, wake up, it’s spring!!!