First Day Of Pre K

This morning was Emery’s first day of pre-k. It’s a change for Emery and for us. She has new teachers and almost a complete new set if classmates. She is still going to Kids R Kids but we are taking advantages of Georgia’s lottery funded pre-k program.

So this morning we woke up at 6:45. Ashley bought Emery a hello kitty alarm clock. It promptly went off. Ashley has also been drilling into her the 4 things she needs to do on her own in the morning. 1. make her bed 2. Put on her cloths 3. Brush her teeth 4. Brush her hair.

I went to Emery’s room this morning and she woke up energized. She was about to say something like Daddy I need help but she caught herself and said to herself

mom said I need to do this by myself. So I need to put my cloths in first. It makes it easier daddy.

She got ready with minimal help and she was ready to go. Emery was overly excited, I think she was probably a bit nervous with all the hype we made over the last week.

After school Ashley picked her up but it looks like she might had not had a good time transitioning and she was pretty quite about her day at school. I am sure she will get adjusted soon. Our little Emery is growing up.