Emery is 5

Today is a big milestone for Emery. She is now a big kid. She speaks very well, has a very dramatic personality and loves dresses and cute things. When we told her today that she is a big kid, Emery didn’t want to be a big kid. She said she still wanted to be a baby. We asked her why she wanted to be a baby and she said:

I don’t want you to get old mommy, I want you to always be with me 

Lately, Emery has actually been more attached to us. I think as she realizes she is getting means being more independent and she wants the security of her parents around.  Emery is such a sweet child. She is so goofy and is always trying to make is laugh. 


As part of being a big girl, we got Emery a two wheel bike with training wheels. She wanted a Frozen bike but we decided not to over frozen everything a got her a 16″ power princess bike with a basket in front and a little seat in the rear to carry her stuff animal friend. We asked her if she like the pick and she said it was “almost perfect”.  This girl knows what she wants.