Back to India and the People Portal Team

Well after a great two weeks back home, I returned to India on May 22nd.  It’s been a long one and a half week since then, but even while in the US, the my hours were really strange, from 3 am to 5pm…  It was long but also really interesting as I realized how much I could get done if I had to do was not sleep, hehehe.  My biological clock is also no longer existant so I can pretty much sleep any hour I wish and still get the rest I need.
Upon arrival to India, the folks at the sterling guest house were very nice and greeted me warmly.  I got my old room back and posted a picture here below.


Since I haven’t talked much about the People Portal team, here are some postings of the last week and a half of them and the design sessions we went through all last week.

This is the org chart of our team.


This is them all staring intently at the white board and maybe pretending to listen…just kidding the team is great.


We started this week with a whole bunch of functional and technical design sessions.  This involved our developers  white board and annotating wireframes to document and determine the technical approach to build the designs produced by crazy Chad.  Here’s a screen shot of one of those wireframes after we got done with it.