Our First Date

Ashley and I had a few hours on our own to walk around downtown. We went to Faneuil Hall and took a picture at the place of our first date. That night of our first date we must have sat there for 1-2 hours talking. Here we are since 1998 to now 2014!


Hawaii April 2009

Our good friend, Jimmy Chang and his wife, Kat, got married in Hawaii in April. Ray and I wouldn’t miss that opportunity to attend the wedding as well as visit family and friends back home. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and Jimmy and Kat were a stunning couple. We were also able to see some friends from college at the wedding and it was a nice reunion.

During our 10-day trip, we were able to do a bunch of things, including spending some precious time with my parents and my popo (grandma). We had really good food, starting from eating Pok’e (raw fish with seasonings) for breakfast, to dim sum for lunch, to eating at Roy’s for dinner. Of course, these were on different days, but every meal throughout the trip was savored.

Shave Ice at Waiola’s was a must! We had the azuki bean, mochi balls, with condensed milk shave ice bowl.  Holy moly!!! We also went to the local institution, Zippy’s a couple of times. You haven’t been to Hawaii without going to Zippy’s. Zippy’s is a franchise in Hawaii that has all sorts of local food, ranging from its infamous chili to its plate lunches (always two scoops rice, one scoop macaroni salad).

Ray and I even spent a day on the Big Island, also named Hawaii. It was a short flight from Honolulu. We took a tour from HIlo to Kona and visited the volcano park and other various sites on the island. Ray was such a fun traveling partner. How can you not laugh when he does silly things such as the picture below?

Back on the island of O’ahu, we spent some time with my grandma popo and drove around a lot to do sightseeing. We went to do a little snorkeling one afternoon at Hanauma Bay but my snorkels were broken, so only Ray was able to explore in the water and find some interesting creatures.

During one of nights cruising around, we stopped at Kahala Mall to buy some things at Whole Foods. A few doors down, there was a smashing party going on and we walked over to see what was going on. There were cameras everywhere outside the door, as if people were waiting for some celebrity to come in and out of the joint. As it turns out, it was a party that included guests from the TV show, “Lost”, which was filmed on the islands.  Ray couldn’t resist the temptation and waited along with other bystanders.  His patience paid off, when Ben, from the show, came out for some fresh air.

The trip was great. Ten days were too little to do what we wanted and we hope to go back again soon. It was a nice little break from New York and everything in Hawaii was very laid back.

life’s more fun together

Yup, that’s our family motto.  Happy anniversary to us!  Ashley and I woke up early today to watch the sunrise over some hot chocolate and coffee.
Ashley and Ray

Since this is our first anniversary, we decided on a yearly tradition that would be meaningful, fun and something we could do regardless of where we were.  We’d wake up a dawn to watch the sunrise.  Have a lite simple dinner out, bake a cake together and watch our wedding video. 🙂

Mike and Christie’s Wedding

Mike and Christie got married in Atlanta on August 12th, 2007.  The wedding was beautiful and was a blast.  We saw many of our friends whom we haven’t seen for quite some time and partied it up again like the old days.  Mike and Christie looked great and were having so much fun.  We especially enjoyed their first dance.  The food was Tapas and Korean and was some of the best we’ve had.  Congratualtions to them on their most joyful day and hope they are having the time of their lives on their honeymoon!


1 Day Left to the Wedding

Times certainly does fly.  I have so much to post and so little time this week.  So much has happened along with the wedding preparations which I want to post about but for now Ash and I will just focus on the wedding.  So our families are all in town, Aus and Pengs united.  :)  Our friends have also arrived and we’ll be going into the city tonight to have one more pre-wedding night out.  If it hasn’t sunk into us before, it really is sinking in now.  We’re really getting married!  The Wedding Rehersal on the Treasure Island was almost surreal and we both can’t believe it’s happening tomorrow.


Ashley has done so much to prepare, I really have to give all the credit to her.  I am but a helper in the master plan of Ms. Ashley Au – wedding planne, florist, wedding shopper, decorator extraordinarie.   I am so lucky to have a wonderful partner in life and we are both so excited to tie the knot tomorrow.   I promise to post more photos and add more posts into this from our trip to Atlanta to see the Lo’s before this, the photos leading up to the wedding and all that other crazy stuff.

It’s been really great to see so many good friends and family reaching out to us with well wishes.  Thanks and we’ll see you all soon!