Bean gets a white coat

We are sitting here at the BU Dental white coat ceremony. The key note is going on right now. The weather is beautiful and we are all dressed nice. Eugene is halfway to the DMD. Even Eugene’s girl friend is here to join in the ceremony.

Our Gymnast

Emery competed in her second recreational Atlanta North Star Gymnastics competition.

In her last competition she did not place very high and she told us that she wanted to place 1st. Well this time Emery was very focused and she improved a lot.

She placed 2nd on Bars and placed 4th overall. This about 5 spots further in ranking than last time. Here’s some pics. I need to figure out how to post videos next time.

Her events were:

Floor – which was a routine with a background music

Beam – Emery improved so much this time on the balance beam.

Vault – she runs super fast and jumps on a vault and pushes her flipping on a mat

Bars – just a single bar where she flips on the bar and swings on to stick a landing. Emery loved the bars.

all this Gymnastics makes Emery really strong. Check out the guns!

Emery on Ice

Today Emery tried to skate for the first time. She was some what excited but was unsure about how it will work. She was very tentative when she got on the ice and was very careful to make sure she did not fall. She held Ashley’s hands very closely and timidly took step by step.

She did this for a few laps and as she got more used to it she started to take steps on her own. She seemed to get the balance really well and was able to walk briskly and then glide a bit. She had a good time but her hands were cold and she eventually wanted to stop. Skating with Emery reminded me of the first time Ashley and I were on a date at the Frog pond.

Daddy and Emery Day

Today was the first day of my Christmas vacation and it was also the same for Emery.

I had Emery all to myself today and we hung out all day long. Emery wanted to play kitchen (using her fake kitchenette) but I convinced her that real cooking was better. She was up for the challenge so she made Hashbrowns, Eggs sunny side up, cheese and cured meats. She used our cast iron the cook the hashbrowns and the eggs. I had to teach her how to break the eggs and crack them open but she got it after the third try. She liked doing it and worked really hard to cut the cheese and meat while the eggs and hash brown was cooking. She setup the table and got the utensils. I️ was very proud of her. During breakfast we played Uno, Emery’s favorite card game. She beat me last night three times straight but this morning i beat her twice.

After breakfast we went to target to look at toys. She loved the toys that you can make food and candy. I gave her a budget limit and after some agonizing choices she picked a toy that she could make sugar straws.

<<<<<<< at we had planned in tree morning to see Justice League. The movie tavern severed a meal while you could watch, so we drove there just in time. It was a blast. We ordered a milkshake treat for her. For lunch Emery got a pasta with fruit, and I️ had a tomato soup and steak sandwich. While they served us food the movie played. It was a good movie but Emery loved every minute of it. I️ gotta day eating some food while watching the big screen is pretty cool. Emery wanted to sit on my lap and she curled up next to me and basically hugged me while we watched. It was soooo nice.

After the movie we went home and Emery played the toy she bought and we finally played kitchen. She made a drinks, enter and dessert menu and i had to order from the menu. She then cooked her pretend plastic food and served them to me and we ate together. She even gave me the check at the end and charged me $1 per order and I used a plastic credit card to pay and sign the check.

I️ was getting a little restless and Ashley was out still at work so we went to Main Event. We bought a game card and played a ton of arcade games. We were obsessed with this game where you three balls to knock down rows of clowns and we scored 380 points after all that. We did fighter jet rides, connect four, dance dance revolution, and more. Emery exchanged all her points for candy and we ate a bunch of it on our way home. What a day. Know Emery has proof that daddy spoils her rotten.

Letter to Santa

Emery cheated this year and went with a template. That is just wrong. The template assumes you were good all year and clearly there is much to question about such a generality.

Here’s Emery’s letter, you can see what she really wants. I️ hope Santa makes it happen!

Eugene took this picture above of Emery and Penny. What a great pic of the two of them. We decorated the tree and made the house festive today.