Bean gets a white coat

We are sitting here at the BU Dental white coat ceremony. The key note is going on right now. The weather is beautiful and we are all dressed nice. Eugene is halfway to the DMD. Even Eugene’s girl friend is here to join in the ceremony.

First Christmas At Our House

‘Twas the night before Christmas and Emery was asleep. The Hasbun’s came by earlier for a merry meal to eat.

All was quiet through the house, all calm and relaxing. Only soft jazz Christmas music and our fireplace crackling.

Ashley and I sat down to enjoy a nice candle lit evening waiting for Santa to appear. We laughed, chatted and were grateful for being there. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Ok… so that was probably the worst spoof of the Christmas poem ever…

We had a great Christmas Eve. Emery work is up around 8am and we all went out the tree to unwrap presents. Most were for Emery but that was expected. She got her yoga ball and fort Builder from Santa and a ton of gifts from Audrey. She also got gifts from our friends, Ye Ye, Nai Nai and Eugene. Emery definitely scored big time.

Last night with the Husbans

Much to be thankful for

This thanksgiving I want reflect and remind myself all that I should be thankful and really grateful for. Our lives are often so busy and stressful that it is just too easy to get caught up in feeling inadequate, negative or wanting more. Ashley has taught me over and over again to be thankful, so here is my list:

I am thankful for a wonderful family, they are so supportive, caring and always have my back.

I am thankful for my health, I have no ailments and no physical issues that prevent me from taking full advantage of life.

I am thankful for myself. My parents instilled in me a strong work ethic, smarts and creativity that has made achievement come naturally for me.

I am thankful for Ashley especially. She embodies all that is really good and pure in my life. She makes me a better person and is someone I admire greatly.

I am so thankful for Emery. She is the sweetest child. I was on the treadmill today and she came over just to tell me she wanted to give me a hug! I had to fly out tonight and she walked out to the Uber with me because she was so sad to see me go. She gets up every morning, dressed herself, brushes her teeth, and sometimes even packs her own lunch. She never needs any nagging about homework and she is always so cheery and cute. Ashley and I are so lucky.

I am lucky to have such great parents who have worked so hard to support me. They give to us all they can spare.

I am thankful for great in laws. Ashley parents come over and stay at our house for a month or two at a time and I love it. They are so helpful, they clean, cook and are so happy and kind. They really make me feel like a son.

I am grateful for my career and my job. No matter how hard or stressful it is, I am learning so much and growing so much. I am thankful for being where I am today.

We stopped by this store yesterday and Ashley really loved this saying.

So long 2015!

2015 started out with a bang, we moved to Marietta shortly after the New Years after finding a place on Jan 1st last year. Ashley started workin again and I got into my MBA program. So unfortunate things also happened. We lost Cappy, our as I called him “Mr. Wappa”. He was a good boy but it was just his time. We also lost Ashley Po Po, who lived to 96, born in 1918. She was so dear to Ashley, almost like a second mother to Ashley. 

Emery started kindergarten and has begun to read and do simple addition and subtraction. She is growing to be a caring, thoughtful and conscientious person with a really high EQ. She’s very bright and wants to work hard and be a good person. 

2016 will be an interesting year. Ashley’s motto is a good clean start and mine is “just survive somehow”. I stole the line from “the walking dead” and Ashley thinks it very depressing. I sighed and told her it’s the true, the zombies are really taking over. In all seriousness 1016 is going to be a tough year. Work is going to be extremely busy with multiple projects all converging at UPS, running the BC department, and keeping up with B-School. I have a good start this past term on my MBA, 1 A and 2A-, with a DS (A) in Business Steategy.  Woot!!

Ashley is doing great at her job and her bosses like her a lot. She’s starting to do some interesting things are getting acclimated to the job. The commute is terrible but she’s been able to work 1 day a week from home. I hope things get better for her in 2016 and she can reduce her commute. 

2016 will be a critical year. We both need to be more healthy and our lives are more busy the ever. Our goal is save enough to buy a nice home, settle down and grow roots. 

Farewell 2015 and aloha 2016!


Father’s Day

I am getting used to this Father thing now. At first it was overwhelming and even though it still can be hectic, I really cherish having a wonderful daughter to take care of. I am also really grateful for my own father who taught me important things like how to horse around and be goofy. Not to mention teaching less critical stuff like English and computers.  

Happy Father’s Day to myself and my dad!