Our Beautiful Girl

I took this picture of Emery as we left for school this morning. She has her dr Seuss and beauty and the beast book in hand to share with her classmates.

She is wearing a dress given by our friend Marianela, which is a Honduran outfit. She picked out her own matching shoes and matched it with a bracelet that she and I share. She keeps saying to me

daddy this will remind me of you.

I have been traveling weekly to Texas and I only see her on Sat and Sundays. I miss her dearly. If only time froze and our beautiful and sweet little girl would never grow older.

I love you Emery.






Happy New Year

It’s Chinese New Year and we dressed Em B up in her last years chines Outfit. The pants were too big but the shirt fit perfectly. We found some red pants anyways and she was quite festive.

We didn’t do much else this year to celebrate the year of the dragon but Em b always livens up the holiday spirit. Here’s some pics of the little B at school when we dropped her off. She is never that happy so we dot expect big smiles in the morning…otherwise we might be worried! 🙂







Ashley and I love turkey.  Every year we look forward to getting a big one and having lots of good times and left overs.  This Thanksgiving, we had some friends Abee, Marianella, and Abbey over for a nice family style sit down meal.  It was nice to have everyone over again this year as we all were all far from our home and it was a good year to celebrate.  They had all finished school at Georgia Tech.  Yup, my huney is graduating and she got awesome grades to boot.  I’ll talk about that more in December when we have the graduation ceremony.

So, back to Thanksgiving… we got a 19 pound turkey, made stuffing following my Mom’s receipe, had mash potatoes, corn, green beans, candied yams, croissants and even a sweet potato pie.  Even Poke and Cappy had some turkey.  These dogs stuffed themselves silly and were uncharacteristically calm and sleepy after the meal.

Here’s some photos from that night and of course some photos of the food!

My share of the feast.

Stuffed turkey is the only way to go!

It’s all about forearm strength and winning smile…

Ash in her cute apron.  We got the Apron from Nawleans when we went down for the sugar bowl.  In the background is one of my favorite paintings that Ash made.  She’s so such an artists!

An now, the group shot.  We didn’t get one as a group last year but this year thanks for an auto-timer and a make shift tripod made from cans of Coke we got it in after a few tries.  The bloopers of me frantically running to join the group are rally funny.

Panda Arts Festival: An Atlanta Chengdu Gala

Ashley and I went to the Georgia Tech Ferst Center for the Arts last night to see the Cheng Du Performing art show.  The Panda Arts Festival is in celebration for the Panda Baby Mei Lan’s first birthday. Mei Lan is on loan from the City of Cheng Du in China, the home of Giatn Pandas.  The Festival is sponsored by the City of Atlanta, the Fulton County Commission, the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government of the People’s Republic of China, Zoo Atlanta, and several other organizations. It is hosted by the US-China Cultural & Educational Foundation.

There were More than 30 professional dancers and musicians from Chengdu, China along with some local Atlanta performing art groups.  We both had a decent time though the show had too many technical glitches perhaps because it was opening night…  Here are some snaps, these are not my own pictures nor my descriptions but those from the Panda Festival website which are much better and accurate than what I can snap or write.  The pictures are almost exactly like the show!


(Dance) Evening in the Ancient Palace: Chengdu is a city steeped in history—every cobbled street, every crowded alleyway, is witness to the city’s more than three thousand years of history. This dance celebrates Chengdu’s heritage, taking the audience thousands of years into the past. Based on murals found from ancient tombs around the city, the dancers represent an authentic part of Chengdu’s past.”


(Dance) Pretty Huadan: Huada are the pretty, lovely naughty girls in Sichuan Opera. The dance, with Sichuan features, combines Chinese dance skills with the art of Sichuan Opera. It frees classical choreograph to make dance itself different from the others. Its strongly accented sound of Gongs and drums, beautiful historical drama costume, clear and lively melody, as well as the dances’ beautiful postures and movements replicate the charm of songs and dances of Chengdu style and character of the lively pretty Sichuan girls. ”


Finger shadow show: The finger master is one of the best in China. She uses her two dexterous hands to make hundreds of life-like and stunning shadow puppets.” I only wish I had these skills in school.  We saw rabbits,birds, owls, deer, goose, people and more!


(Sichuan Opera) Fire-eat and Face Change: A must see during any visit to Sichuan—…This opera performer is specially trained in the age-old craft of fire eating and face changing. He can change elaborate designs in the masks he wears in split seconds, between turns and miniscule movements.”  Truly amazing though not to belittle this art, but the America’s Got Talent couple changed their whole outfit in a mater of seconds!

Great time and best of all, we got the GA Tech student discount!

Back to Skool

As surreal as it felt, Ash really is going back to school!  We both had flashbacks of our college days as we walked through the nicely groomed campus of GA Tech.  Today was Ashley’s first day of Orientation for her Masters Program in Building Construction.  Ashley is so smart and hard working I know she will do so well and come out of school making lots of money for me…i mean us….! hehehehe just kidding


Here’s Ash getting her Buzz Card… So when are we hitting up the dining halls?