Been a long time…

It’s been awhile since I last posted.  Things got pretty busy after Ashley’s birthday.  Here’s some updates:


Most importantly, I made the best purchase of 2008, the iPhone 3G!!!!  This thing rocks.  It’s like a mini computer.  I use for work email, music, calendar, GPS, facebook and games.  Like the ad says, this has changed everything.  I am also happy to announce that my old Motorola flip phone that was worse than the first cell phone I ever got is sitting quietly in some dark drawer gathering dust…


Ok with that major event out of the way…

Ashley’s Hawaii and Cali Trip

In August Ash went to Hawaii and California to visit family.  It was her PoPo’s 90th birthday on August 27th!!  She still looks quite good for her age and still enjoys fried food, especially fried shrimp and roast duck on a regular basis.  Now that is a women with a good digestive system!


Ash also took lots of great photos of plants and flowers in Hawaii to use as materials for her painting. This one is my favorite and she should definitely paint this one.


California is also where Ziggy lives (LA).  Ash spent lots of time with Megan and Dylan going to Disney Land and Sea World. I grew up on sesame street but these Cali kids grew up on Disney!


Ray in India

Around the same time in August, I went to India again to kick off another project with the Spark City team there.  It started out great and I was having a great time working with everyone until I got sort of viral fever that was quite common in August after the monsoon.  Unfortunately the fever knocked me out for the last week of the 2 weeks I was there.  I still had a great time and we achieved all that I had hoped but I really wish I had the energy to spend more time with the team that last week.

Apple Picking

September was for the most part a heads down week for work though the weekends were pretty busy as well.  Ash and I went with the Lo’s to enjoy some Georgia apple picking which also included farm favorite attractions like cow milking, pig races and the plenty of fried food southern style.  Below is a photo of Ash and I poking our faces through these cheesey cut-outs.  We love these things and take a photo like this everywhere we find one.  How do I look with the curls?


Ian’s visit to the US

Ian also came and visited in September.  It was his first time in the US and Ash and I drove down to Savanah where he was attending a conference.  It has been alittle over 10 Years since we last saw each other in Beijing and Harbin.  He was just 15 then and now he’s married!  We had a great time catching up and I was sorry to see him go.  In my generation in China, most people don’t have siblings so cousins are like brothers and sisters.  I wish him and his wife the best!


Hollywod’s Bachelor Party

It was also Hollhywood’s bachlor party in September as well and I had a great time acting like the college days with the bros.  We went skeet shooting, had lots of good food, and plenty of drinks.  Here’s a cool photo of me shooting down a wild boar!  Just kidding, it was a clay disc…


Atlanta Tour

For our third day of Bean’s stay he started out with the traditional morning XBOX therapy. Sounds of machine guns and virtual people dying filled the air as usual when Bean stays with us. Mom and Dad, here’s why Bean loves coming over oh so much. 🙂 Notice the zombie look…


Today we stayed in Atlanta, taking the urban tour. We took a stroll through the Atlanta Underground, a shopping mall underneath the downtown area of Atlanta. The concept is very cool but unfortunately the area needs some revitalization. The walk there was quite sketchy and the whole underground mall wasn’t any better. We snapped a few pics and Ash bought a small trinket.


Ash also had to buy some books at the local Nerd erh…Engineer’s Bookstore near Georgia Tech. Man are those books expensive!


Our next stop was Martin Luther King’s birthplace on Auburn street in the Edgewood district near downtown Atlanta. The whole street was very well preserved. Here’s Bean and I outside the house where Martin Luther King Jr. was born. I look really sleepy in this photo and does Bean know how to smile?


Before we went to Buckhead, we stopped by the famous Fat Matt’s Rib Shack. Bean had been looking forward to eating there ever since Ash and I raved about it.

Here’s some juicy pics! Ash had the BBQ Chicken below!


Bean and I had the ribs whoohoo!


And now Bean’s happy and can smile for the camera.


Dat Phan @ the Ferst Center

Ashley and I went to our second show at the GA Tech Ferst Center.  This time we went to see Dat Phan, the first winner of the NBC’s reality show “Last Comic Standing” a few years back.  I remember watching a few episodes of this guy and remember feeling sorry for him being thrown with all those grumpy wise ass comics.  I didn’t follow the show regularly but it seemed like he was the odd mad out and was a big upset when he became the winner.  Way to go for a fellow asian brother making it in Hollywood!

Dat Phan was super funny and Ashley and I laughed our ass off to the point where out stomachs and cheeks hurt.  His humor is sort of like Russell Peters mixed with physical humor sort of like an asian Jim Carey.  We loved the show and it was an evening well spent.  After the show we took a picture with him.  The fool who took the picture could not operate it so it came out a bit blurry…



Soda Overload @ World of Coke

The Chang Family, (Su-Cheng, Wendy and Cadence), Jerry, Linda, Ash and I went to the Coke Museum in downtown Atlanta.


Never before did I think a soda could become a museum but to my surprise it was really fun! Complete with 4D motion rides, human sized polar bear, working bottling factory, movies and huge number of memorabilia displays and historic artifacts all coke related, we dashed from exhibit to exhibit like it was Disney world! Of course the constant “drink coca-cola” brainwashing slogan was everywhere but in the end you a make yourself utterly sick of coke with soda buffet exhibit.


There was over 70 beverage flavors from Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. Some of the familiar brands like Fanta and Sprite were there but there was many more strange ones that we never heard of.


Some tasted quite good, but other were ghastly, tasting either like bitter water or listerine. It was a great time and we enjoyed seeing it with our good friends.