Emery’s White Christmas

There was an unexpected snow storm, “Benji” that hit Atlanta. Thankfully I️ decided to work from home on Friday morning as did Ashley. Emery’s school had early dismissal and she got to play in really 6 inches of snow!

We made a snowman and Emery was wanted to make it a Patriots snowman with the number 12. TB12 as he is known now accordingly to Ashley who is a diehard pats fan.

Later on Saturday morning Eugene was over and we had a giant snowball fight in the yard. Everyone go soaked. It was all of us against Eugene but he protected himself Pretty well even though he wore shorts!

Christmas 2015 in ATL 

My parents and brother came down to ATL to spend Christmas with us. It’s great having them here and Emery is having so much fun with uncle, grandma and grandpa. 

We did so many activities during  this trip it’s hard to list them all. 

Mom and dad took Emery to Chattanooga. We ate about 15 different restaurants. We watched Star Wars , old and the new one that came out. We cooked lots of food, made bread using the bread machine. We open gifts, played lots of chess and saw a whole bunch of sites in Atlanta. Eugene even go Ashley and I to join in on two of his cross fit work outs. What a Christmas. I need a detox from all the holiday family craziness. 


Disney World

We brought Emery to Disney World when she was about 8 months old but of course she didn’t remember it. 

Needless to say Emery was so excited this time.  She was eagerly awaiting our road trip. We drove down to Orlando bringing Pok’e and Cappy with us. We stayed three nights and spent two full days. Day 1 was Magic Kingdom and Day 2 was Hollywood Studios. 

There is so much to recall from such a fantastic trip but here’s a few recaps of what Emery was like so we can remember. 

  1. Emery was not fussy. Even though it was about 90’s she walked willingly and did not ask to be carried around. 
  2. Emery loves to eat. She was constantly hungry for ice cream, candy or any kind of yummy treats she could cajole us into. 
  3. Emery loves rides and her favorite ride was the Dumbo ride. When asked why her reasons where 1) she could control how high we could fly 2) dumbo was cute
  4. Emery is brave and loved the mini roller coaster. Every othe ride she got off and was happy but after this one she was ecstatic and wanted to go on again!  This girl likes action
  5. Emery likes frozen but is getting too old for the music. She likes singing let it go but now on this trip, she is almost too cool for the song
  6. Emery is a great traveller. She is hearty, energetic and pretty easy to deal with. If not for the constant “I want to eat something” Emery would be a perfect travel companion. 
  7. Lastly, Emery is still sacred of the big dressed up characters. She wants to take a picture with them but is still come what terrified of them. 
  8. Emery is very independent. She likes to walk on her own and is willing to walk ahead and or behind. She doesn’t need hand holding too much. 
  9. Emery is great at entertaining herself in the car. She loves to draw and just play on her own in the back of the car. She never complained once in our 16 hour car ride!
  10. Emery is such a sweetie. She is so loving and no matter what wants to be near us. 

Here’s some pictures from our time at Disney world. 



Emery’s 5th Birthday Bash

The invite is out for Emery’s 5th Birthday party bash.  We are inviting all her Pre-School friends and other “long time” (relatively speaking) buddies.  There is much to do in preparation but it should be a great time.  We’ve also got a really great birthday gift for Emery to come.  (a new big girl bike with training wheels!)

Here’s the invite Ash made with cute-face herself making the banner complete. 🙂

Emery Party

The birthday party was a success. 22 of her closest friends from school, Amelia and Lucas all came. They made alien green pizzas and monster jello. We bought a rainbow cake complete with littlest pet shop figures ontop. We also catered food for the parents who attended. They kids all had a blast, here’s some pictures from the party. 


Christmas Merriment

We had a great Christmas this past week. Emery received lots of wonderful gifts and we were able to take a short road trip to Nashville.

Here some pictures of the good times we had.

Nashville- We had some good ramen at a Japanese Pub in hip East Nashville. We took a wonderful tour of the Belle Meade Mansion, dated back to the 1800s who made their money from horse breeding. We saw a wonderful show “The Rockettes Christmas” at the Grand Old Opry Theatre. We also had some time to just relax at the hotel with the dogs. Emery loved jump and climbing on all the furniture and she only hurt herself once.

Belle Meade Plantation




Two of Emery’s favorite things, rides and candy!



Grand Old Opry



Gaylord Opryland Resort





Irish Food On Canton street near our house!




Getting Ready for Santa and Xmas Morning
















And we had some great Mexican food!