Charleston, S.C.

I am sitting on a enclosed patio deck in a rocking chair sipping my favorite iced coffee, listening to music. Ash is curled up in a lawn chair next to me reading a gossip magazine and Nai Nai is to my other side playing with Emery. Yup we are on vacation!

We are in a beach home in Charleston, South Carolina this week and loving the relaxation. We traveled together with the Lo’s. They have a little daughter as well Eva, so Emery had another small person in company. We’ve been taking in sights, sounds and tastes of the south in our vacation getaway.

Charleston has a lot of rich history and we got to visit and old southern plantation call Boone Hall. It dated back to 1600s and had over 300 slaves at one point producing cotton, indigo, rice and bricks. It was raining the day we were there but still gorgeous and just like the one in Gone With the Wind.

We also had some great food while here. Did not know it is one of the great culinary cities in America. We ate southern cuisine many of which were local southern ingredients from the produce to the the seafood. Ash, being a seafood had a blast with tuna and shrimp everyday!

Best of all the vacation home rental at Folly Beach was awesome. We spent a lot of time just lounging at the house both inside and out. Here are some more photos from our trip.



Ashley’s Birthday

Ashley loves seafood, especially oysters and shrimp.  So for her birthday, I took her along with Emery to “Fish” a great but reasonable seafood and raw bar in the West Village.  I excused myself from work early so we could avoid the crowds and we took a little family trip.  The restaurant was great, awesome food and we ate our fill of oysters.  Ashley was really giddy, she gets like that when there is seafood around, I love it!!

Pok’e wished Ashley happy birthday with a big hug

Did I mention she loves seafood?
Ashley's Birthday



We finished the night off with some little pastries from a local shop and spent the evening playing with Emery and taking an evening stroll through Times Square.  I have been super busy at work lately so it felt like a little holiday to escape and spend some quality time with my Huney on her special day.


And ofcourse we need to include the gratuitous Emmy shot!

FiberScrumptious Taste Testing Phase 2 March 2010

In December 2009, I officially incorporated my company, FiberScrumptious, Inc.  The goal of this company will be to sell high-fiber healthy muffins based on distribution to different health food stores, and hopefully, even to Costco one day.  My product is mainly about promoting the health benefits of consuming fiber on a regular basis and incorporating them into your lifestyle, while attempting to take away some of the negative perceptions of the taste of a high-fiber product.

On the evening of March 4, I conducted phase 2 of my high-fiber muffin taste testing at our apartment; I did phase 1 taste testing back in December 2009.  For phase 2, about 8-10 girls showed up.  One of my three target audience is women between 20-30 years old who are interested in healthy-eating and high-fiber products. The taste testing session was very successful and I received great feedback through speaking to the testers and a survey.  I had 12 flavors in total and one of the goals of the testing was to help determine the best 6 flavors to use going forward.  I received great comments and helpful suggestions on how to improve the muffins since this was going to be the last taste testing before pushing the product into our next stage, which is to submit a sample to get an accurate nutritional analysis.

The testing was also very fun because it was the first time I had a chance to meet some of the taste testers.  Everyone was great and friendly.  I am so thankful to have them provide valuable feedback!