First Christmas At Our House

‘Twas the night before Christmas and Emery was asleep. The Hasbun’s came by earlier for a merry meal to eat.

All was quiet through the house, all calm and relaxing. Only soft jazz Christmas music and our fireplace crackling.

Ashley and I sat down to enjoy a nice candle lit evening waiting for Santa to appear. We laughed, chatted and were grateful for being there. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Ok… so that was probably the worst spoof of the Christmas poem ever…

We had a great Christmas Eve. Emery work is up around 8am and we all went out the tree to unwrap presents. Most were for Emery but that was expected. She got her yoga ball and fort Builder from Santa and a ton of gifts from Audrey. She also got gifts from our friends, Ye Ye, Nai Nai and Eugene. Emery definitely scored big time.

Last night with the Husbans

Emery’s White Christmas

There was an unexpected snow storm, “Benji” that hit Atlanta. Thankfully I️ decided to work from home on Friday morning as did Ashley. Emery’s school had early dismissal and she got to play in really 6 inches of snow!

We made a snowman and Emery was wanted to make it a Patriots snowman with the number 12. TB12 as he is known now accordingly to Ashley who is a diehard pats fan.

Later on Saturday morning Eugene was over and we had a giant snowball fight in the yard. Everyone go soaked. It was all of us against Eugene but he protected himself Pretty well even though he wore shorts!

Planning for Summer Camp

I never knew summer camp planning for kids was such a big headache. All research we have to go through to keep Emery occupied while mommy and daddy go to work and make money to support. 

Thankfully Emery helped me rank her preferences in order of most preferred 1 to least preferred 8. That’s the consultant in me. 

So what does this tell us about Emery?  


Christmas 2015 in ATL 

My parents and brother came down to ATL to spend Christmas with us. It’s great having them here and Emery is having so much fun with uncle, grandma and grandpa. 

We did so many activities during  this trip it’s hard to list them all. 

Mom and dad took Emery to Chattanooga. We ate about 15 different restaurants. We watched Star Wars , old and the new one that came out. We cooked lots of food, made bread using the bread machine. We open gifts, played lots of chess and saw a whole bunch of sites in Atlanta. Eugene even go Ashley and I to join in on two of his cross fit work outs. What a Christmas. I need a detox from all the holiday family craziness. 


Our Kinder Kid

Emery finished her first week of Kindergarten this week and she loves it. The summer camp at Johnson ferry definitely trained her to adapt to new surroundings and the friends she made in camp also helped ease her into the Mt. Bethel school community. 

Emery’s teachers are Ms. Allred and Ms Quintero. Ms Quintero was also one of Emery’s teacher at summer camp. So far Emery is doing great. She gets up early in the morning changes, brushes her teeth, makes her bed, combs her hair and comes downstairs. She has a shake with Ashley and we go out to the bus stop.   Emery likes the school bus. We call it a cheese bus. She seems more grown up this week.