Blog Gone Mobile

It’s begun, now I can post to my Blog straight from the iPhone. No it’s not just the iPhone’s browser but actually using a wordpress iphone app. The features for copy editing aren’t great but the basic are there. Let me see if I can upload a photo of the UI.

Word Press Upgrade to 2.6.5

I made a pretty significant upgrade of my Word Press version from 2.2 to 2.6.5!  It was a bit nerve wracking, there is always the chance something could go wrong and I’d end up spending days/weeks to fix it but fortunately everything went pretty smooth.  I’ve tested most things out and am happy to report that everything is 95% ok.  The 5% that needs to be addressed is the problem with by right hand navigation on the interior pages like Foodography.  There is currently an error there that was not there before so I am not sure what happened.  I will have to fix that sometime.

WordPress 2.6.5 (admin view)
WordPress 2.6.5 (admin view)

The good news is that 2.6.5 has some nice upgrads on the Admin side with a much improved and needed WYSIWYG editor.  Also now, I can even blog from my iPhone, ah more things to do with my favorite tech gadget of all time.  I will have to try that soon!

Here’s a few house cleaning tasks I have to do:

  • Fix the right hand nav – or – remove the error and change the page
  • For some reason the page design looks different in IE, Chrome vs. Firefox.  There is a small jagged offset in the top left and right corners under the top nav which needs some image modification I believe
  • The timezone seems off.  I think It is in central time
  • Need a little more jazziness on these posts, video maybe?
  • Figure out a better side bar presentation.  Right now the right side is not all that attractive.
  • Clean up the categories, I have some dupes
  • Learn how to blog from my iPhone!!

More Room & A New Look

To celebrate our 1 year anniversary on a very geeky level:

  1. I increased the width of the blog by 100 pixels, creating more room for larger pictures and taking advantage of the ubiquitous 1024 resolution. Another great reason for increasing the width of the middle column is now I can post pictures directly from flickr, thereby reducing the need to edit photos and upload them on wordpress.
  2. I also fixed the annoying formatting issue with the “Category” in the post heading area. whoohoo!
  3. And I changed out the call out module to Atlanta, times have changed
  4. I am doing this of course for the throngs of readers out there… Actually there is only one super fan and her name is Ashley. 🙂

Here’s a picture of the new look:


Our Blog is One Year Old

Today marks the official one year mark of this blog. If you look at the very first entry, it was started on November 25th with the “Hello World” post. I am so glad I started this as it’s really becoming a hobby. So, for the one-year mark, I have decided to change the banner from the “sunflower in the sky” to a new banner which represents the city which our family lives in, Atlanta! I took this picture of the Midtown skyline during a stroll in Piedmont Park.


This was our original banner with the sunflower.


Blog Construction Update – Gettin’ there!

It’s been awhile since I had the chance to update the blog and make some changes. Here’s what’s next on my to do’s. Gotta get these done before work gets even busier or I get shipped to india…

  • Setup YouTube Account and send a YouTube video to the Blog.
  • Find a good flash photo album to place in the Scrapbook section.
  • Create 4 Photos for Me, Ash, Pok’e, Cap and post on their pages.

And here’s a random pic for the hell of it! Pok’e aka “Pocket” eating her beef stick with stars in her eyes.