OMG – How Long It’s Been

So this blog was almost dead except I got it back to life last weekend.  There was a some malware and GoDaddy helped me get rid of it.  There has been so much that I missed since the last post in 2016.  Ok time to restart.

My next mission though is to migrate to the wordpress managed service platform.  More to come.

Goodbye Old Design

I realized we have had this design for almost 7 years.  Time to keep up with the times and pic a newer style.  Here’s what the old design looks like.

Our Blog Screenshot April 6, 2014 Before Redesign

Sigh of Relief – WP Blog Version to 3.6 from 2.6!!!

We were on WordpRess V2.6 and I just updated to v3.6.  A huge quantum leap.  It took about 30 minutes but the anxiety of it all was like nothing else before….PHEW.  Thank god the site is still working.

I really need to stop hosting my own word press site and move onto a SAAS model.