In Mid October, Ash and I went back home to visit my parents in Newton, this time we went together and stayed there for a week!  Since we were there for a week, we had the opportunity to do a lot more things than usual, spending a whole day in downtown Boston enjoying the city.  With the Big Dig done, what was once construction and yellow tape turned to gardens and plazas.  The city has really changed giving it the beauty of old American charm with a modern design.  Here’s some snaps:

My dad and I walking through downtown Boston.

Dad had a ping pong tournament that week.
Here’s him using his tricky back handed slice serve

My mom and I watching Dad play.

Bean eating the famous Hay Market Pizza.  Best pizza in Boston, at least we think so…

Out in South Boston with some of the bros, Jimmy, Simon and Brian (from left).

@BU Hockey, Terriers vs. Merrimac, (From Right) Shirin, Arang, Steve, Amanda, Danny, Ween, Stein

October is also the brother brithday month, a great excuse to have two birthday cakes in a row!

What’s Bean wishing for?  Driving Permit, iPod Touch, or Susan Lucci to win Dancing with the Stars?

Of course dad is ever enhancing the house with basic upgrades like an outdoor kitcken.  Here we are taking a picture of the recent achievements. 🙂

No trip home would not have been complete with some great cooking from Mom.

Steamed Fish with ginger and scallion

Dry Marinated Beef

My favorite, a dish only my Mom and Grandma makes, Fried Casserole.

Speaking of Mom, she has been continuing on her quest to become the next Michelle Quan.  Mom skates 3 or more times a week at 2 to 3 hours each session sometime longer.  She started from ground zero literally shuffling across the ice clutching the sideboards.  This time we went, Mom was skating backwards, do spins and looking very comfortable!  Ash brought her skates this time too and here’s her and mom fooling around at Walter Brown Arena.