Blog or not to Blog

My blog posts have been so delayed! Not sure I can make up for it but sometimes with all these smartphone taking pictures, cloud photo sharing apps and the ability to print our photo books it’s hard to keep up with our little family blog. I feel like I am duplicating efforts. I am also feeling like in a time when data privacy is such a concern I should lock down the blog and have it be password protected.

Whatever way I go, I feel that with all this technology there is still no good way to keep a good journal of my life and that of my family. So many things happen every week and month that I am so worried I will forget them. I fear that Emery will grow up and forget all the cute things she said and the way she acted. We have photos and videos but sometimes good editorial is still better. It’s like the cliche the boom was better than the movie.

Well, I’ll keep going and documenting for now! I do wish I could figure out a way to post videos. Apple iPhone photos has this incredible “memories” feature which comes out with a compiled home video using the photos and videos from a recent trip. The video is making and I almost feel like someone took the time to make it.

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