Best Part of Wedding Planning

Everyone says that cake tasting is the best part of wedding planning. We would agree. On both days the weather was great and I was back from India for two weeks. It was really nice to be home and especially nice to hang with Ash doing something you can’t really complain about. We went to four places, Katrina Rozell (Oakland), Neldha’s (Oakland), Walnut Creek Bakery, Montclair Bakery (oakland).

Katrina Rozelle was a small bakery in the Rock Ridge area of Oakland. The cakes were really moist and airy. The creams and fillings were very nice. We both liked the Valencia, a light chocolate cake with a hint of orange.


These were the specs that I drew out for Ash. We designed it together after our first tasting. Ash liked it and I got nice reactions from people in the stores who saw it.


Montcalir Bakery, the last place we went to was the best suited for us. The Chef was able to make lenon and orange, a not so typical filling. Ash and I are both really excited and hope people like the cake!

The Montclair cake samples:



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  1. Ray put in so much effort into drawing our cake. He likes the cake from Katrina Rozelle the most. However, he knew I liked the Lemon Mousse and Orange Mousse flavors that were offered at Montclair Bakery, so he let me have what I wanted. He is the sweetest guy ever!!!
    I hope that he will like the cake as it is also his cake too!!!
    We had so much fun this past two weekends going to these places to try yummy cake!!!

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