I dedicate this blog entry to a very very special person in my life. His name is “Bean” and most people know him as Eugene. He is my little bother and we are 12 years and 10 days apart. We were both born in October and both monkeys according to the Chinese Zodiac. When he was just a little boy maybe around 5 or 6 years old, “Mr. Bean” the british comedy played and written by Rowen Atkinson was always on PBS and we both loved to watch him. Eugene loved this show so much he would always whine about wanting to see it and his face got all lit up when the show came on. Eugene’s little face at that time was also cute and bean shaped so one day, I proclaimed to him that from then forward, I would call him “Bean”, the rest is history.

I always wanted a little brother growing up, someone to take my side and hang out with me because life as a single child was quite boring and lonely. I finally got my wish and although we are so many years apart we are best friends. It’s Bean’s birthday today and unfortunately this is the third year in a row we could not celebrate together. So, Bean, Happy 15th Birthday from both Ashley and I!!  We love you very much!

Bean – 2002 (Christmas)


Bean – 2003 (with dad)


Bean – 2005 (in San Francisco)


Bean 2007 (At my wedding)


Bean and I (acting silly)


Bean @ Albertsons (I don’t know why he wanted to pose there)


May all your Albertson’s wishes come true! 🙂