Bean Knows Travel

Well it was a great time having Bean visit and on New Years eve, Bean left to go back to Boston. The trip back however was not an easy one. He faced TWO canceled flights along the way (that’s what you get flying through the mid-west during winter) but, we got through it with some joint family teamwork and the help of Kumar, a co-worker of mine from Sapient. In the end, Bean arrived home safely in Boston. Thanks Kumar for helping us out!

All in all, Bean’s trip from Atlanta to Boston took 24 hours! We dropped him off at the airport on Dec 31st at 4 pm and he finally arrived in Boston on Jan 1st 4 pm. Bean said his 24 hour trip from Atlanta to Boston was enjoyable though stressful at times. He said he felt kind of like the Home Alone kid staying in a hotel with a jacuzzi all by himself and traveling all along on a Holiday. Bean’s trip to Atlanta was also not pain-free he nearly had two disasters (almost losing his passport, forgetting his stuff at home). He also had the airline lose his baggage for a day when he got here. For a young boy I think he can now consider himself an experienced air traveler.

Here’s Bean walking to the terminals after we parted at the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport. Ashley and I miss you already!