Emery has cavities

Emery had 5 cavities in her recent dental visit. This means, using that big novocaine needle. She was a really brave girl though and she had a big needle in her mouth two times this past week without so much as shedding a tear. What a brave girl. She was just upset because her fave would feel really funny and she felt like her cheek got drops after. She was also really concerned she could eat her lunch.

This just makes me smile at at how brave yet how innocent Emery is.

Our little climber

Emery and her best friend Sofia went climbing today at Escalade in Kennesaw. These kids had such a blast. They claimed for 2 hours straight, never even a bit of rest or pause. When they did stop climbing they ran around and played on the slide.

Emery was quite tenacious with her climbs. She did all ones for the kids, doing each one multiple times. Where were two that was especially challenging and she kept at it a few times until she fell like it hurt her hands too much. She was quite strong and was able to pull herself up with her arms and seems so comfortable with with the height. In each climb , especially the more difficult ones, she had to use her mind and figure out where her options were and best way to go about it. Our friends the Ramirez family introduced this sport to us and it’s something we have never done or been exposed to before.

Although Ashley and I don’t do it, I was seriously tempted!

Our Gymnast

Emery competed in her second recreational Atlanta North Star Gymnastics competition.

In her last competition she did not place very high and she told us that she wanted to place 1st. Well this time Emery was very focused and she improved a lot.

She placed 2nd on Bars and placed 4th overall. This about 5 spots further in ranking than last time. Here’s some pics. I need to figure out how to post videos next time.

Her events were:

Floor – which was a routine with a background music

Beam – Emery improved so much this time on the balance beam.

Vault – she runs super fast and jumps on a vault and pushes her flipping on a mat

Bars – just a single bar where she flips on the bar and swings on to stick a landing. Emery loved the bars.



all this Gymnastics makes Emery really strong. Check out the guns!

Emery on Ice

Today Emery tried to skate for the first time. She was some what excited but was unsure about how it will work. She was very tentative when she got on the ice and was very careful to make sure she did not fall. She held Ashley’s hands very closely and timidly took step by step.

She did this for a few laps and as she got more used to it she started to take steps on her own. She seemed to get the balance really well and was able to walk briskly and then glide a bit. She had a good time but her hands were cold and she eventually wanted to stop. Skating with Emery reminded me of the first time Ashley and I were on a date at the Frog pond.

First Christmas At Our House

‘Twas the night before Christmas and Emery was asleep. The Hasbun’s came by earlier for a merry meal to eat.

All was quiet through the house, all calm and relaxing. Only soft jazz Christmas music and our fireplace crackling.

Ashley and I sat down to enjoy a nice candle lit evening waiting for Santa to appear. We laughed, chatted and were grateful for being there. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Ok… so that was probably the worst spoof of the Christmas poem ever…

We had a great Christmas Eve. Emery work is up around 8am and we all went out the tree to unwrap presents. Most were for Emery but that was expected. She got her yoga ball and fort Builder from Santa and a ton of gifts from Audrey. She also got gifts from our friends, Ye Ye, Nai Nai and Eugene. Emery definitely scored big time.

Last night with the Husbans