Ashley’s Pregnant and It’s A Girl!

One day in early September, I came home and Ash mysteriously sat me down and told me she had some news.  I had a feeling what it was and when she told me my heart leapt!  That’s right, we were going to be parents!  Ashley is pregnant!  We were surprised but not THAT surprised as we have decided already that we wanted to have a child and that we were ready to start a family.  Ashley and I were overjoyed, we waited a few weeks until we told everybody our big news!  Our due date is June 2, 2010.

First Trimester

Ashley did not enjoy her first trimester very much.  Morning sickness did not do justice to what Ashley went through.  She was feeling sick day and night.  I think the prenatal vitamins made things worse, though it was good for the baby.  In one of our earlier doctors visits, we see the tiny little developing baby in the sonogram.

Our first Sonogram

Emery in November

Emery in December

Ashley was really starting to feel the hormone changes.  First trimester was a really tough time for Ash since it coincided with the beginning of her business venture. She is starting a healthy high-fiber muffin business and had to go to different stores to buy testing ingredients and research competitors.  I realize doing this while having her morning sickness wasn’t easy at all.

Second Trimester

Ashley’s tummy is getting bigger.  At our doctor’s visit we find out that it’s a girl later confirmed by a full sonogram.  During that sonogram we also get to see little Emery’s profile.

Third Trimester

Third Trimester like the doctor said was just like the first trimester.  More morning sickness! Fun, fun, fun!!!! NOTTT!!!! We tried to make the best of it, though.  We had a so-called ‘bucket list’ of things to do before little Emery arrived while we are here in NYC.  We spent some time venturing different neighborhoods, going to a Broadway show, “Wicked”, going to Central Park, Top of the Rock, visiting the NBC studio, and did a bunch of other things. One of things we did was go to a pottery-making store called “Make” on the Upper West Side to make Emery our first little gift to her… a little keepsake box.

See all the photos from the pottery making here.

The third trimester went by rather quickly and little Emery’s upcoming arrival soon dawned on us that she will no longer be in Ash’s tummy but that she will be a little human being we will be raising and cherish for the rest of our lives.  We talked about what we think or hoped Emery would look like, be like and act like.  We wonder about what things and hobbies she will like.  We wondered how our two little dogs, Pok’e and Cappy will respond to our little addition to the family. And we wondered what life will be like in general with our precious newborn.  We were getting more and more anxious and excited… this was really happening!!!! The past nine months suddenly felt like it passed with a snap of the finger (well, it did for me but maybe Ash may feel differently as she is the one who had to carry the baby in her tummy all these months).  We can’t wait ’til Emery arrives!!!!!

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