Letter to Santa

Emery cheated this year and went with a template. That is just wrong. The template assumes you were good all year and clearly there is much to question about such a generality.

Here’s Emery’s letter, you can see what she really wants. I️ hope Santa makes it happen!

Eugene took this picture above of Emery and Penny. What a great pic of the two of them. We decorated the tree and made the house festive today.

Emery’s White Christmas

There was an unexpected snow storm, “Benji” that hit Atlanta. Thankfully I️ decided to work from home on Friday morning as did Ashley. Emery’s school had early dismissal and she got to play in really 6 inches of snow!

We made a snowman and Emery was wanted to make it a Patriots snowman with the number 12. TB12 as he is known now accordingly to Ashley who is a diehard pats fan.

Later on Saturday morning Eugene was over and we had a giant snowball fight in the yard. Everyone go soaked. It was all of us against Eugene but he protected himself Pretty well even though he wore shorts!

Santa meets Emery

Emery is growing up so fast. The last time we took picture with Santa was a Phipps and she was 1. She cried so much then. This time she was a little shy as she got towards him and she sat on his lap. She met Santa this past weekend and she asked for:

Yoga ball to sit on in her class at school

A builder set to create forts at home

Santa told Ashley that Emery was very well behaved and that we should be proud of her. See, Santa knows everything.