So long 2015!

2015 started out with a bang, we moved to Marietta shortly after the New Years after finding a place on Jan 1st last year. Ashley started workin again and I got into my MBA program. So unfortunate things also happened. We lost Cappy, our as I called him “Mr. Wappa”. He was a good boy but it was just his time. We also lost Ashley Po Po, who lived to 96, born in 1918. She was so dear to Ashley, almost like a second mother to Ashley. 

Emery started kindergarten and has begun to read and do simple addition and subtraction. She is growing to be a caring, thoughtful and conscientious person with a really high EQ. She’s very bright and wants to work hard and be a good person. 

2016 will be an interesting year. Ashley’s motto is a good clean start and mine is “just survive somehow”. I stole the line from “the walking dead” and Ashley thinks it very depressing. I sighed and told her it’s the true, the zombies are really taking over. In all seriousness 1016 is going to be a tough year. Work is going to be extremely busy with multiple projects all converging at UPS, running the BC department, and keeping up with B-School. I have a good start this past term on my MBA, 1 A and 2A-, with a DS (A) in Business Steategy.  Woot!!

Ashley is doing great at her job and her bosses like her a lot. She’s starting to do some interesting things are getting acclimated to the job. The commute is terrible but she’s been able to work 1 day a week from home. I hope things get better for her in 2016 and she can reduce her commute. 

2016 will be a critical year. We both need to be more healthy and our lives are more busy the ever. Our goal is save enough to buy a nice home, settle down and grow roots. 

Farewell 2015 and aloha 2016!