Executive MBA Starts

Yesterday, I officially started the Emory Executice MBA program. Fridayand Saturday 8-530pm was our first two days of orientation. There were 52 students in the class with an average age of 36 and 13 years of professional experience. 

I was nervous at first but after meeting my class mates and seeing that everyone was just as anxious about how we could all pull this off with a demanding full time I job I felt kinship amongst my cohort. 

I wrote down a few things I wanted to get out of the program

  1. To gain much broader perspective on how different  business models are run and managed
  2. To develop strong leadership and executive presence 
  3. To determine a more clear next step in my career path making significant advancement
  4. Build a great network with leaders within and outside my industry
  5. Be able to use the skills I have learned to add value to my job on a daily basis

I also wrote that the reason I want this MBA program was to learn the tools and methods to apply them to become a CEO of a large company. 

Here we go!



Our Kinder Kid

Emery finished her first week of Kindergarten this week and she loves it. The summer camp at Johnson ferry definitely trained her to adapt to new surroundings and the friends she made in camp also helped ease her into the Mt. Bethel school community. 

Emery’s teachers are Ms. Allred and Ms Quintero. Ms Quintero was also one of Emery’s teacher at summer camp. So far Emery is doing great. She gets up early in the morning changes, brushes her teeth, makes her bed, combs her hair and comes downstairs. She has a shake with Ashley and we go out to the bus stop.   Emery likes the school bus. We call it a cheese bus. She seems more grown up this week.