More Halloween Fun

We went to a Holloween party hosted by Emery’s “old” classmate, Amelia.  It was a great party and all the kids came dressed up.  Most of them were 3 years old so Emery had a great time running around the park and eat candy, cupcakes and all the things Ash would prefer she not eat.  Here’s Emery in her Mini Mouse outfit with Amelia and also a group shot.


photo 5 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1


Later that evening, we carved our Halloween pumpkin.  Unfortunately we packed all of our candles so we’ll have to post the spooky outcome later.  Even those these picks makes it seem I did all the work, Ashley actually cut a good amount and I just stole all the photo opts. hehehe

photo 5 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

Apple Picking & Spooky Treats

This past friday we took Emery to halloween fest in Roswell and she hung out with Kate and Lucas.  This weekend and today we took Emery apple picking with the Lo’s.  Emery and Eva darted from tree to tree picking up apples and having a blast poking them with sticks.  Then today Ashley and Emery went to Marianela’s house and they made monster marshmellows and gingerbread houses!


photo 1

photo 5

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

@Marianela’s House

IMG_8415 IMG_8420 IMG_8423 IMG_8435 IMG_8439

A Sweet Birthday Note

My parents sent me a really nice email today for my Birthday.  It makes me really happy to read it.  I am also putting a picture of Emery from their visit last year.  I’ll need to find a picture of me and my parents at this age to compare! 🙂


Wish you a very happy birthday! We remember vividly the time when you were what Emery looks like now and we have seen you grow up to a responsible family man every step of the way.

You are thoughtful, diligent, devoted and so successful in managing your work and family life. You are so kind, generous, and broad-minded to mom and I, your brother and grandma. We are lucky to have a son like you.

Ray, we are proud of you! And we love you forever!

We’ll call you tonight.

Mom and Dad


Emery – Just Turned 2 Years Old with My Parents in Atlanta

Emery with Grandma and Grandpa Peng


Me between 2 to 4 years old

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Jelly Fish at the GA Aquarium

We bought a annual membership to the Georgia aquarium. It’s the largest in the world, I think. It’s certainly the best one I have ever been to. Here some snaps of Jelly fish and us.



Emery’s first selfie


We bought Emery a little punk penguin from the gift shop to replace her very over chewed and yucky “dolphy” which sometimes she calls “sock”. She picked out the pink penguin herself and called her “Penguey”. I thought it was a very smart name and definitely took the family name well. 🙂

Emery is so strong!

It’s definitely a sign that Emery is growing up when she is able to pick up Pok’e. The other day she called to us to look at her and there she was, A mound of fluffy fur in covering her face as she peered over. Emery was also able to pick up a apply who is about 16lbs and carry him over to couch. She is such a big girl now!