Hilton Head Island

We decided to take a family vacation for a few days and experience Hilton head. This is technically day one. The weather is nice, just a few clouds in the sky. It’s a warm low 70s and the water is pretty warm as well. A cool ocean breeze is blowing on my face. I am sitting on a beach chair, watching as Ash and Emery wade in the calm sea bank looking for sea shells.

A year and a half ago, Emery was scared of the water and now she confidently struts over with cup and takes filling after filling of wet sand to build her sand castles. “I am making a doggy” Emery says. Her cute toddler voice is like sweet bells to our ears. To see her hunched over and playing in the sand only reminds me of how fast she is growing. Our little Em B.

Ash and Emery have walked off now, mixed into the crowd of beach goers walking, splashing, basking in the Carolina season. Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend. “It’s going to be busy”, the publix worker said to me last night. A sense of pride but also sigh marking the extra work shed probably have to do.

I am really excited about this trip. We rented a vacation condo right next to the beach. It’s literally a 5 min walk across the street and we’re there! I picked it and booked the trip, Ashley didn’t have to plan. So I was a bit worried it would not live up tithe hype…but…the apartment is great. Just the right size if not a bit bigger for us. It’s so relaxing to get away from home, but s enjoy the comforts of a real home and not a sterile hotel room.

We took the dogs with us this time. A rare thing these days, due to the logistics and hassle of wrangling a toddler and 2 dogs just never seems to be worth it. But this time, it’s a family trip so canines included! Of course our senior dogs are house trained but as Ashley joked, “they’re house trained for our house”. In less than 12 hours Pok’e, our little princess, has peed in about 6 to 8 spots in the house. I guess she has to make sure her new kingdom is adequately settled in to smell like her place. Poor Wappa is so blind he keeps bumping into furniture. But remarkably she catches on pretty quick and is back to his laid back self in no time.

I see Ashley and Emery coming back now. We’ll see how many shells she has collected. She is so cute with her little Paul frank bathing suit