Emery with Her Sippy Cup

We’ve been trying to get Emery to drink more water and got her this Sippy cup. The funny thing is she looks like she is intently sucking on the straw but after a few minutes we look and the water level hasn’t gone down! She is so cute.

Get Back To Blogging

It’s been way too long since I have blogged and so many things have happened. Our blog itself has sort of been in suspended animation for awhile. My to dos will be:

1. Update posts about Emery
2. Add Emery to our family page
3. Time to update the top masthead
4. Need to switch out the right module
5. Post some Emery videos and photos and a special emery page.

I’ll get started on these soon. But for now it’s time for bed.

Emery’s First Day of Daycare

Today was Emery’s first day at the YWCA day care. Finally after 9 months of staying home with Ash, Emery was ready to meet other babies, and be a big girl. I took the day off in case Ashley needed a shoulder to cry on. It was also Valentine’s day, so we got to spend some alone time together and had a nice brunch at Highland Bakery.

When we dropped Emery off she didn’t cry, and I think she wasn’t completely sure what was going on. We said our good byes and I swear Ash might have had some wetness around the eyes! 🙂

When we picked her up, the teachers reported that she was good, played with the other kids and didn’t fuss at all! Emery is such a good girl and now all grown up!

She’s Mobile

Yup, as of today Emery took her first four legged crawl. It all started with her sitting nicely on the alphabet mat. Ten she notices a plastic bag that crackled loudly. She leaned over and almost as if it was just another normal thing to do began to move her hind legs and arms together. It was really amazing.

Chinese New Year

We celebrated Chinese New Year by dressing Emery up in a traditional outfit. Ash tool her to Chinatown to look for outfits. The lady at the store loved Emery so much and asked to hold her. She then proceeded to give Emery a personal tour around her store!

Emery looks so cute in her Chi Pao.