Smiling Her Way Into 6 to 11 Weeks

Emery’s been growing day by day. She still sleeps a lot but when she is awake she is always looking around checking out the world. She’s looks at us a lot and is learning to smile when we interact with her. She also makes a lot noises just on her own, making baby babble noises. Here’s some photos of Emery:











The Other Baby is Born

That’s a a long running joke but I think it deserves to be mentioned here that Ashley and I have been living in New York for over a year and a half because of a project that I have been working on during that time. My client is Allianz Global Investors and our job was to build a document and knowledge management system for them a long with a public website. The project took 20 months from beginning to end, with over 100 people contributing to it along the way. My role on the project started as the project manager but ended as the Engagement Lead. My Sapient team about 35 in India and 10 in the US at one time was comprised of Technologists, Creative Designers, Information Architects, Project Managers, and Quality Assurance Testers. It was a wonderful learning experience. I knew before I started that the project would be tough but never did I expect the kind of stress, pressure and long hours that turned out to be. However despite the challenge, it was the most amazing professional experience of my life so far. I got to see and lead a $5M project to the end and finally on August 2, 2010, we went live with the public website which was built upon previous 3 Releases of the Internal Document and Knowledge management system that we built starting Jan 2009.

There are so many memories from this experience, so many incidents and people I have come to work with along the way. The last weekend of launch was in of itself a memorable one and like Emery’s birth exciting and exhilarating. So after so long, my other baby is born and it’s live:

Here’s some photos of my project team and our clients:

This was us in the war room right after the Go decision was made to Launch!
From left: Sudeep, Barry, Jomy, Josh, Sukhi, Rose, Paul, Catherine, Neal, Molly
The Evening We Went Live

This was my team in the US from Left, Josh, Sudeep, Sourav, Paul, Jomy

The Evening We Went Live

Pictures from Our Launch Cocktail Party (from left: Sudeep, Jomy, Josh, Brian, Alan, Paul, Neil)
Client Cocktail Party Post Launch Aug 2010

From Left: Inder, Paul, Neil, Neal, Brian, Alan

Client Cocktail Party Post Launch Aug 2010

From left: Henry, Kevin, Catherine, Neal

Client Cocktail Party Post Launch Aug 2010

The website:
allianz new website