Ashley’s Birthday

Ashley loves seafood, especially oysters and shrimp.  So for her birthday, I took her along with Emery to “Fish” a great but reasonable seafood and raw bar in the West Village.  I excused myself from work early so we could avoid the crowds and we took a little family trip.  The restaurant was great, awesome food and we ate our fill of oysters.  Ashley was really giddy, she gets like that when there is seafood around, I love it!!

Pok’e wished Ashley happy birthday with a big hug

Did I mention she loves seafood?
Ashley's Birthday



We finished the night off with some little pastries from a local shop and spent the evening playing with Emery and taking an evening stroll through Times Square.  I have been super busy at work lately so it felt like a little holiday to escape and spend some quality time with my Huney on her special day.


And ofcourse we need to include the gratuitous Emmy shot!