Emery’s First Weeks

It’s been an eventful summer here for our family.  Lot’s of change has happened here to our little family with the arrival of Emery.

After Emery was born, my Mom came down for a few days to help us take care of her. It was good to have some help.  Our first night with Emery before my Mom arrived was an eye opener.  Little Emery cried every hour and even though we knew that we would have little sleep, waking up every hour to soothe her, change her and feed her, we kept asking ourselves, how long this would go for.  Then combined with people’s “get ready for the next 18 years of your new life” just added to our feeling that we would say goodbye to a good nights rest for good.

My mom arrived in the afternoon and stayed with us through the rest of the week.  It was nice to have her around to hold Emery and keep her company when we needed some time off to run errands or just nap.  Here’s some photos from Emery’s first week.

The New Grandmother

Emery Peng



Emery with new Grandparents


The following week, Ashely’s parents came to help out.  They were a huge help and stayed with us for 6 weeks.  Emery is very lucky to have such dotting grandparents.  Grandma Au would carry her non-stop, change her diapers and feed her like her own daughter.  They also helped us do a lot of grocery shopping going down to chinatown and making lunch and dinner for us.  Here are some photos of them the first few weeks.





After one month, we had a traditional one month celebration for Emery.  Our families all joined and had Dim Sum in Chinatown.  I got a strawberry Shortcake for Emery from a wonderful Italian Bakery call Vineiros.  We all had a great time, except Emery decided to take a very deep nap that day and hardly opened her eyes through the whole thing.  Emery loves sleeping in her car seat!





Here’s some photos of Emery Week By Week:

Week 1:


Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

Week 5: