Memorial Day Weekend

After a long two weeks I got a long weekend to relax and enjoy New York with Ash. The weather is really nice and we are both sitting in front of the New York Public library on a sunny warm and breezey Monday afternoon.

Ash is talking to me about fashion and what she can wear to work. She just got an internship for the summer working for the US Green Building Council of NY. I am happy she found a place to learn and hopefully she enjoys the job there along with all the new wardrobe opportunities. 🙂 (or the lack of – as Ash always complains to me. Just kidding).

So this weekend we went to Coney Island Friday night but boy was that a trek. We had been hyped up for the last month due to all these posters. However after about a 45min to an hour train ride we found “the most drepessing carnival I have ever been to” according to Ash. We did have some great tacos there though!

This weeked they also closed Tomes Square or partially closed off to traffic. There lots of people as always and Ash and I turned into good ol’ tourists and began snapping pics left and right!

We also went to a street fair right downstairs from where we love and had some great street food. Is it wrong to love street food?

Ok, that’s it for now, we are starting to get bit by Mosquitos and it’s time to escape.