Christmas 2008 and New Year’s 2009 with the Peng Family

Mr. and Mrs. Peng and Eugene came to Atlanta to spend Christmas and New Year’s with us.  We were so excited to have them over.  It is always fun to spend this holiday with them.  Eugene, for as long as I’ve known him, would facilitate the gift-opening process. He would hand the gifts over to the recipient and kept taking turns until all the gifts under the tree were gone.  We would always have lots of laughs.  Our dogs, of course, were always a part of this as well. They always got treats and toys.

After Christmas, we headed down to Florida. First stop… Orlando!

Here is Ray on one of the rides… shooting the bad guys.

We also did the whole South Beach scene…

Had some great pizza at Pizza Rustica…

To the Everglades…. that alligator was really close. No… we didn’t zoom that much.

We even witnessed a standoff between an egret and an alligator. We didn’t see the result of this, but it couldn’t have been pretty…

We ended the trip with celebrating Mrs. Peng’s birthday. On New Year’s Eve, we went to a Japanese buffet… pretty good!

We headed back to Atlanta the following day and spent some time there before Mr., Mrs. Peng and Eugene left to go back to Boston.  We had fun there too. We went to Georgia Tech and played some football, went to the Chinatown and had some good Chinese food.  And of course, not to mention, we experienced Eugene’s driving skills… yeap, that would be him at the steering wheel. Boy, he’s all grown up!

It was sad to see them leave, but we look forward to next time!