Parents visiting Atlanta for my graduation

My parents and oldest sister came to Atlanta in December to attend my graduation from Georgia Tech.  That year and half just flew by and it felt like yesterday when Ray and I had that discussion back in early 2007 whether I should go back to school and get my master’s degree. And now, it’s all over.  Thanks to Ray and his support, I was able to fulfill this accomplishment.  Honestly, as excited as I was, I was also reluctant and scared to make a career change…. well… somewhat of a change.  But everything worked out smoothly, from moving from Alameda to Atlanta, to Ray’s seamless transfer to the Atlanta office.  Thank goodness. I’m so grateful for all that has happened.  Again, as usual, everything happened in a whirlwind but somehow it just worked out.

It was great having them visit Atlanta and be there for my graduation. After the ceremony, we went to Two Urban Licks, a cool joint with great ambiance not too far from where we live in Midtown.  The food was yummy and I could tell my parents enjoyed trying something new.  Look at my dad… he loved the food! Food coma….

As part of the visit, my dad, being the handyman that he is, did some fix ups around our condo.  I’m so grateful.  Thanks to him, people don’t trip when they walk into our apartment anymore… near the entrance, there used to be a nail sticking out of a piece of wood.  My dad worked his magic and everything is now intact correctly. Whew! Meanwhile… my mom cooked up a storm.  How great is that!

Finally, my parents’ birthdays are in December (well… sometimes they go by the Lunar Calendar, but it’s too confusing).  Rarely do I have the opportunity to celebrate with them. Fortunately, their trip to Atlanta made it possible.  Ray and I bought them cupcakes from this amazingggggg place at Tech Square.  This shop has possibly the best cupcakes ever.