Blog Gone Mobile

It’s begun, now I can post to my Blog straight from the iPhone. No it’s not just the iPhone’s browser but actually using a wordpress iphone app. The features for copy editing aren’t great but the basic are there. Let me see if I can upload a photo of the UI.

Word Press Upgrade to 2.6.5

I made a pretty significant upgrade of my Word Press version from 2.2 to 2.6.5!  It was a bit nerve wracking, there is always the chance something could go wrong and I’d end up spending days/weeks to fix it but fortunately everything went pretty smooth.  I’ve tested most things out and am happy to report that everything is 95% ok.  The 5% that needs to be addressed is the problem with by right hand navigation on the interior pages like Foodography.  There is currently an error there that was not there before so I am not sure what happened.  I will have to fix that sometime.

WordPress 2.6.5 (admin view)
WordPress 2.6.5 (admin view)

The good news is that 2.6.5 has some nice upgrads on the Admin side with a much improved and needed WYSIWYG editor.  Also now, I can even blog from my iPhone, ah more things to do with my favorite tech gadget of all time.  I will have to try that soon!

Here’s a few house cleaning tasks I have to do:

  • Fix the right hand nav – or – remove the error and change the page
  • For some reason the page design looks different in IE, Chrome vs. Firefox.  There is a small jagged offset in the top left and right corners under the top nav which needs some image modification I believe
  • The timezone seems off.  I think It is in central time
  • Need a little more jazziness on these posts, video maybe?
  • Figure out a better side bar presentation.  Right now the right side is not all that attractive.
  • Clean up the categories, I have some dupes
  • Learn how to blog from my iPhone!!


Ashley and I love turkey.  Every year we look forward to getting a big one and having lots of good times and left overs.  This Thanksgiving, we had some friends Abee, Marianella, and Abbey over for a nice family style sit down meal.  It was nice to have everyone over again this year as we all were all far from our home and it was a good year to celebrate.  They had all finished school at Georgia Tech.  Yup, my huney is graduating and she got awesome grades to boot.  I’ll talk about that more in December when we have the graduation ceremony.

So, back to Thanksgiving… we got a 19 pound turkey, made stuffing following my Mom’s receipe, had mash potatoes, corn, green beans, candied yams, croissants and even a sweet potato pie.  Even Poke and Cappy had some turkey.  These dogs stuffed themselves silly and were uncharacteristically calm and sleepy after the meal.

Here’s some photos from that night and of course some photos of the food!

My share of the feast.

Stuffed turkey is the only way to go!

It’s all about forearm strength and winning smile…

Ash in her cute apron.  We got the Apron from Nawleans when we went down for the sugar bowl.  In the background is one of my favorite paintings that Ash made.  She’s so such an artists!

An now, the group shot.  We didn’t get one as a group last year but this year thanks for an auto-timer and a make shift tripod made from cans of Coke we got it in after a few tries.  The bloopers of me frantically running to join the group are rally funny.