Boston for Mother’s Day

This past weekend, I went home to Boston to spend some time with Mom. It’s always so nice to go back, my parents treat me like a king and feel like I am in college again. Taking the train from the airport back to Newton reminded me of how different Atlanta is from Boston. The “T’ is a way of life in Boston, where MARTA in Atlanta often gets forgotten. Also I really miss Boston’s ethnic diversity.

A few great things about being home: Hanging with my parents, seeing Bean, eating my mom’s cooking, lounging around a real house, going out with old friends from college and high school. If Boston wasn’t so cold, I might be tempted talk to Ash about seriously moving back!

Here’s some pics of the weekend.


My favorite picture of Mom and Dad.  This was taken on the porch steps in our back yard.


Mom looks so young in this picture.  She has so much energy these days.


Steps towards our front door.  Taken from our driveway.


Our house is so nice now.  Since Dad did all  the work, it’s almost unrecognizable from what it was when we first bought it.  It’s so comfortable staying home.   Dad did such a great job, I hope I can take some really great set of photos one day to capture his handy work.


Ah, the food.  This is batter fried carrots and onions.  It’s awesome, sort of like tempura sweet fries.


My mom’s cooking is so good.  See how happy Dad is 🙂


This is what I miss living away from the hometown.   We hung out at Our House, Arang (left), Wan (Center), Simon (not in picture) and Marilon (not in picture) drinking and catching up.  Proud to say I was the Connect Four champion that night.