Our Blog is One Year Old

Today marks the official one year mark of this blog. If you look at the very first entry, it was started on November 25th with the “Hello World” post. I am so glad I started this as it’s really becoming a hobby. So, for the one-year mark, I have decided to change the banner from the “sunflower in the sky” to a new banner which represents the city which our family lives in, Atlanta! I took this picture of the Midtown skyline during a stroll in Piedmont Park.


This was our original banner with the sunflower.


Web Cam Fun with the Pengs

It’s been over two years Ashley and I moved out of Boston.  I still remember the morning that Ashley and I left in July of 2005.  We had a great breakfast at my parent’s house and then set out on the long drive to California.  Since then, I’ve seen my parents only a handful of times in person and have been keeping in touch with them mostly on Web Cam.  Here’s a screenshot of them on the web cam with me today.


Our Thanksgiving Feast

Ashley and I celebrated our first Thanksgiving here in Atlanta with a feast my mom would be proud of. The spread was a 19 lb turkey with Mrs. Peng’s classic stuffing and gravy, onion and garlic mashed potatoes, green beans, candied yams, biscuits, corn and a dessert of apple and strawberry rhubarb pie.

We invited a few of Ashley’s master’s program classmates over, Marienella, Abby and Abhi. We had a great time and everyone enjoyed the food. Here’s some pictures of our feast.




By the way, Thanksgiving also happens to be Cappy’s birthday, he turns 4 this year and this is his third thanksgiving with us. He got some turkey too!


Happy 8th Anniversary

Ashley and I have been going out for 8 years and we are still going out now.

Here’s a picture of us with our friend Valeria over 8 years ago at Rockefeller Center in NYC! Look how young and innocent we were. At that point, Ashley and I had just started hanging out together.


Ray and I had a great time in NYC skating. It was our first trip together. I can’t believe this picture was taken over 8 years ago. It is somewhat surreal that we’re celebrating our 8th year anniversary today. Time has flown by so quickly and next thing we know, we have 8 years of wonderful memories ingrained in our minds.