Savannah, Georgia

Finally after many weekends of almost nothing but studying and work, Ashley and I finally had a full day to hang out. So, with much excitement we went on our first road trip yesterday to check out Savannah, Georgia. About 260 miles away from Atlanta, Savannah is a coastal city filled with history and old beauty. It was a great day for a road trip in the south, a comfortable 80 degrees and blue skies all around.

We packed a few goodies for a 3.5 hour ride and set out looking to see what this famous southern city was all about. We arrived in Savannah in the early afternoon and hopped aboard a tour trolley. The tour was awesome, our guide truly had a southern personality with an accent so thick that Ashley said she could barely understand.


The tour brought us through the central historic district of Savannah passing what seemed like square after square of historic monuments and fountains. Ashley and I both loved the wonderful elegant 19th century homes. The tree lined roads and numerous parks reminded me a little of the best parts of Boston’s Beacon Hill mixed with the Back Bay.




One of my favorite parts of Savannah was the wonderful oak trees with the hanging Spanish moss. It seemed like every scene could have been part of a southern painting. The Spanish moss as you see in the picture above casts such a hazy sleepy glow around everything especially through the rays of the afternoon sun that I spent many shots trying to capture the feeling that I got while there. Unfortunately the best I could do are in the pictures below, and they really don’t quite do it justice.




Like I said earlier, there were many squares in downtown Savannah. These squares were really miniature parks. So after going down one or two block you would end up in a square surrounded by these wonderful old homes and walk another two blocks and see the same thing. Near the edge was what is the historic district of Savannah where we toured a wonderful fountain, that was actually mail-ordered I think in the early 19th century through the Sears Catalog!


Ever heard of the phrase “Keeping up with the Jones”? Well we finally found the origin of that classic American phrase. Here in historic district was a street called “Jones St.” During the 19th century the lawyers, businessmen, and doctors would all live on this street, so for everyone else who wanted to make it big and keep up with the high society, they would have the keep up with “Jones St.”


Here’s one of the homes I was able to snap a picture of. The house were so magnificent compared to the others around the area. But nevertheless it was a very nice street to live on.


Savannah was a lot of fun and what was even more fun was our car ride up there and back. After such a long time, Ash and I were finally able to just relax. We even brought the laptop with us and watched (listened) to a couple of episodes of “Everybody Loves Raymond”, Ashley’s favorite sitcom. 🙂 On the way back Ashley and I had a great conversation talking about our future and doing some family planning. We’re thinking about where we will be moving to next and where we’d like to raise our children. I have to say I am excited to both move and also raise kids with Ashley, though the time to be a father is still a few years away. All in all, it was really a great road trip and I had such a nice time with my huney.