New Camera!

At last, no more blurry, grainy and overall crappy photos.  No more pressing down on the snap button for 5 minutes just so it can take a picture.  We finally bought a new camera yesterday, a Sony CyberShot w80.  CNet rates it as one of their editor’s top choices and sure enough the camera is awesome.  The photos look great, even mistakes and random shooting comes out great.  We took a whole bunch of photos today, too many to post but here”s three I like.  You see the difference.




Old Camera: Canon PowerShot S200


New Camera: Sony CyberShot w80
The colors are true to life and blurriness gone.


Dat Phan @ the Ferst Center

Ashley and I went to our second show at the GA Tech Ferst Center.  This time we went to see Dat Phan, the first winner of the NBC’s reality show “Last Comic Standing” a few years back.  I remember watching a few episodes of this guy and remember feeling sorry for him being thrown with all those grumpy wise ass comics.  I didn’t follow the show regularly but it seemed like he was the odd mad out and was a big upset when he became the winner.  Way to go for a fellow asian brother making it in Hollywood!

Dat Phan was super funny and Ashley and I laughed our ass off to the point where out stomachs and cheeks hurt.  His humor is sort of like Russell Peters mixed with physical humor sort of like an asian Jim Carey.  We loved the show and it was an evening well spent.  After the show we took a picture with him.  The fool who took the picture could not operate it so it came out a bit blurry…



Hiking in the Arabia Mountain

Ok, Ash and I did not go to the middle east and do some crazy exotic hiking.  We went outside of Atlanta to a mountain called the Arabia Mountain, a small hard rocked mountain and did a couple hours of hiking and a picnic for my Birthday.  The day was beautiful, blue clouds, calm and cool fall air.  We brought some fruit salad and other snacks with us and had a great time.








Ashley and I have been jogging together for almost a year now. We started doing it in California. At first it was my idea to start jogging more frequently and Ashley got into it as well. It’s really nice jogging together. We like jogging through PiedmontPark a lot and this time I brought the camera with us to capture this special time we have together.

This is the lively intersection near our place, Piedmont Ave and 10th St. Ashley’s blurry image is in the corner.


Here’s me running in Piedmont Park, actually I am pretending to run since we could not get a good action shot so I had to pose.


Piedmont Park’s great lawn at dusk. You can see the signature buildings of Midtown Atlanta in the background.


And finally home!


Food Glorious Food!

I doubt anyone knows it but the title of this post comes from “Oliver!”, the movie musical adaptation of Oliver Twist filmed in 1968, directed by Carol Reed.  The move opens with the orphans singing this catchy tune.  Anyways, enough about that… I have been getting more and more into photography.  Food photography is especially interesting.  Here are two of mine and these are home cooked by the way!

Marinated beef rib eye with a side of brown rice and fresh tomatoes covered with a sweet sesame mayo dressing.


Shrimp, turkey and vegetable wonton’s – so good and home made by Ashley (I helped wrap some). These are not yet boiled.