Back to Skool

As surreal as it felt, Ash really is going back to school!  We both had flashbacks of our college days as we walked through the nicely groomed campus of GA Tech.  Today was Ashley’s first day of Orientation for her Masters Program in Building Construction.  Ashley is so smart and hard working I know she will do so well and come out of school making lots of money for me…i mean us….! hehehehe just kidding


Here’s Ash getting her Buzz Card… So when are we hitting up the dining halls?

Mike and Christie’s Wedding

Mike and Christie got married in Atlanta on August 12th, 2007.  The wedding was beautiful and was a blast.  We saw many of our friends whom we haven’t seen for quite some time and partied it up again like the old days.  Mike and Christie looked great and were having so much fun.  We especially enjoyed their first dance.  The food was Tapas and Korean and was some of the best we’ve had.  Congratualtions to them on their most joyful day and hope they are having the time of their lives on their honeymoon!


Soda Overload @ World of Coke

The Chang Family, (Su-Cheng, Wendy and Cadence), Jerry, Linda, Ash and I went to the Coke Museum in downtown Atlanta.


Never before did I think a soda could become a museum but to my surprise it was really fun! Complete with 4D motion rides, human sized polar bear, working bottling factory, movies and huge number of memorabilia displays and historic artifacts all coke related, we dashed from exhibit to exhibit like it was Disney world! Of course the constant “drink coca-cola” brainwashing slogan was everywhere but in the end you a make yourself utterly sick of coke with soda buffet exhibit.


There was over 70 beverage flavors from Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. Some of the familiar brands like Fanta and Sprite were there but there was many more strange ones that we never heard of.


Some tasted quite good, but other were ghastly, tasting either like bitter water or listerine. It was a great time and we enjoyed seeing it with our good friends.


Ray’s hard work

Ray has been so dedicated to making this blog. He is really excited that we’ll be able to store and share all of our memories online. I just want to give him credit for working so hard and taking a lot of pride in this. This is a great way to share our events with our friends who we are not physically located near and also hear about their latest and greatest news.


I am so lucky to have a husband who is so passionate about this blog because when we get older (like 50 years from now) and have problems remembering things, this blog will definitely come into use and help us relive all these fun and beautiful moments. Again, thank you HUNEY!!!!! Good job!!!!



The Last Box is Gone!

Today Ashley and I have officially proclaimed ourselves settled in.   Our last cardboard box has been emptied and thrown out.  No more daily trips to Home Depot and no more lifting, pushing, pulling and hammering.  We love our new place and everybody already has staked out their new favorite lounge spots.  Ashley loves surfing the web while sitting at the high kitchen bar counter.  I love sitting in the corner of the couch watching my second love, the TV.  Poke loves basking in the afternoon sunlight which comes through big window sill and Cappy has proclaimed the bean bag his very own nap time bed.  The apartment has such great afternoon sun I thought I’d share this photo of the dining table.


The apartment has such great afternoon sunlight and Ash is so proud of her dining table setting, I had to post this picture of our dining area.  The really nice painting in the background was done by Ashley and the beautiful champagne glasses are courtesy of Alex, a wedding gift to us.