Ashley’s Last Day in India

Today is Ashley’s last day in India. This was her first trip to a very foreign country and it is really sad to see her go. We had so much fun exploring together and laughing about all the strange sights. I am so glad she had a chance to come here to stay with me despite my busy work schedule. However, in the end, she really enjoyed it, got a good taste of a crazy country and didn’t even get Dehli Belly…yet! Of course she has a few more hours to go before that sentence is a fact.

I am going to miss her being here and have already gotten use to seeing her around. Well, only 5 more weeks to go before I get home to sunny, clean California and back to my little family of four – Ash, Me and 2 Pocket Creatures!

Here’s a picture of Ashley feeding the Monkies in Delhi. I think this was her favorite place to go and really enjoyed watching her and the monkies have such a good time.